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Water drop quail egg stretch film vacuum packing machine/water drop egg stretch film vacuum packing machine



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    Endless Salt Baked Chicken Wings Vacuum Packaging Machine
    Endless chicken neck vacuum packaging machine
  • Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller control, color touch screen, choose Mitsubishi frequency conversion speed,
    Control System
    Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller control, color touch screen, choose Mitsubishi  frequency conversion speed, full The department uses electrical appliances from Japan, Europe, and Taiwan. With complete security protecon measures.

    Automatic double stretch roll cutting vacuum packaging machine is in the company's production of aluminium flm vacuum packing machine is stable and mature used for years by the company on the basis of a new product research and development team of research and development of independent innovation, realize the roll cutting around the rounded burr, after test, the improvement unceasingly, as a practical considerable current stabilty and automatic packaging equipment. This machine highlights the product and the packing individuation, changes the traditional packing pattern.

    Suitable for all kinds of leisure food: fish tofu, duck tongue, small fish, beef stick, etc. Vacuum body fitted packaging

  • Parameter

    Production capacity

    1-5Second-rate/minute(Typesetting according to product size 

    to calculate the number of products)

    Maximum packaging size

    480×520×1 5mm

    Packaging material


    (Aluminum foil film or composite film)

    Forming material


    (Aluminum foil film or composite film)

    Power supply voltage

    380V 50Hz 13KW

    Air pressure/ air consumption

    ≥0.6MPa 0.3m³

    Outline dimensions


    Machine weight


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