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Fully automatic thermoforming (hard box) modified atmosphere packaging machine



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    BD-420Y520Y automatic modified atmosphere (hard box) packaging machine
    BD-420Y520Y automatic modified atmosphere (hard box) packaging machine
  • After years of research and development of BD-520, BD-420 and BD-320 modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines,
    Control System
    It adopts Japan's Mitsubishi programmable controller to control, color touch screen, selects Mitsubishi frequency conversion speed, all use Japan, Europe, Taiwan and other electrical appliances. Equipped with comprehensive safety protection measures.

    After years of research and development of BD-520, BD-420 and BD-320 modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines, our company has rewritten the history of relying on imported equipment for 20 years in China, completely replaced imports, and has obtained national patents.


    Scope of application:

    It is suitable for vacuum, inflatable and body-packed packaging of various snack foods, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cold fresh meat, etc.

  • Features
    According to the user's product packaging requirements, on the basis of vacuuming, it can be filled with N2, O2, CO2 mixed gas or a single gas, and the gas mixing ratio can be easily adjusted by the air conditioning controller;
    The whole machine is made of hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment;
    The combination mold is adopted, which is easy to replace, and one machine is multi-purpose. The mold has the function of water cooling;
    Adopt imported pneumatic components with stable performance and long service life;
    The vacuum pump is imported from Germany, with high vacuum degree and stable quality;
    It can be equipped with automatic coding and automatic coding system according to needs;
    Imported special stainless steel clamping chain is used, which is suitable for stretching and forming of hard films of various thicknesses for special packaging;
    Boxes of different shapes can be cut out with an advanced blanking system. No thorn edges, rounded corners, easy to replace and operate, equipped with a corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental hygiene;
    You can choose square box, round box or other special-shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to the customer's product.
  • Process

    1、Front end of equipment (bottom) (lower membrane holder)

    Before the equipment is operated, it is necessary to take a roll of the lower film and install it on the lower film frame, open the lower film, install the lower film on the roller between the chain clips, and manually move the switch to make the film slowly step to the forming area. Then stop jogging.

    2、Front end of equipment (upper) (forming area)

    It consists of a forming die and an upper heating die to form the lower film into a set shape.

    3、The middle of the equipment (discharging area)

    The packaging material needs to be placed in the loading area. The automatic feeding device can be set up according to the regular materials to save labor as much as possible.

    4、Middle of the device (sealing and vacuum area)

    From the sealing mold and the upper heating mold, the equipment reaches the sealing vacuum area by stepping, the lower film mold rises through the cylinder, presses the upper heating mold, and then vacuumizes through the vacuum pipeline, and finally completes the sealing.

    5、Equipment tail (die cutting part)

    The upper and lower dies are punched to form the edges and corners of the packaging are smooth without burrs

    6、Equipment tail (waste recycling rack)

    Scrap recycling after punching

    7、The upper end of the equipment (control panel and upper film frame)

    The whole machine is operated by PLC control panel to set specific parameters and stop running.

    Upper film holder: Take a roll of upper film and install it on the upper film holder, and put the upper film into the sealing area through the sliding rod.

  • Parameter

    Upper film width


    Lower film width


    Studio size


    Air pressure/air consumption

    ≥0.6MPa 0.3m³

    degree of vacuum


    power supply

    380V 50HZ

    total power approx.




    maximum stretch


    Total Weight


    Note: Data are subject to change without notice

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