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Continuous Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine



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    BD-420520YContinuous Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine
    Continuous Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine
  • Our company has researched and developed BD-520,BD-420 continuous modified atmosphere packaging machines, which have rewritten the history of fully depending on imported equipment over the past 20 years
    Control System
    It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control and color touch screen. It adopts Mitsubishi frequency converter and all electrical parts are from Japan, Europe and Taiwan. It is also provided with perfect safety protection measures.

    Our company has researched and developed BD-520,BD-420 continuous modified atmosphere packaging machines, which have rewritten the history of fully depending on imported equipment over the past 20 years, completely replaced imported products and have been granted national patents.

    Application range:It is suitable for vacuum, aerated and skin packaging of various leisure foods, meat products, seafood 
    products, fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables, frozen fresh meat, etc.

  • Features

    According to user product packaging requirements, on the basis of air evacuation, it can aerate N2, O2, CO2 mixture or a single gas. The gas mixing proportion can be conveniently adjusted through the gas controller.

    The machine is made of hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which can enhance anticorrosive performance of the equipment.

    The unique integral line combining machine makes the flow line simpler and more efficient.

    It adopts the imported pneumatic component which has stable performance and long service life.

    It adopts the original German vacuum pump, which has high vacuum degree and stable quality.

    According to the requirements, it can be optionally equipped with the automatic code printing and code spraying system.

    It adopts imported high-precision replacement technology. The oxygen residual rate in each box is lower than 0.5%.

    With the ultra-large mold, it can complete more packaging at a time.

    The servo motor box sending mode is accurate and stable.

    Square boxes, round boxes or other irregular-shape boxes can be selected. As for the size of the box, molds can be customized according to customers' products.

  • Process

    1、Equipment front end (below)

    Before the equipment is operated, it is necessary to take a roll of the lower film and install it on the lower film frame, open the lower film, install the lower film on the roller between the chain clips, and manually move the switch to make the film slowly step to the forming area. Then stop jogging.

    2、The middle of the equipment (discharging area)

    The packaging material needs to be placed in the loading area. The automatic feeding device can be set up according to the regular materials to save labor as much as possible.

    3、Middle of the device (sealing and vacuum, inflation area)

    4、Equipment tail (waste recycling bracket)

    5、The upper end of the equipment (control panel and upper film frame)

    The whole machine is operated by PLC control panel to set specific parameters and stop running. Upper film holder: Take a roll of upper film and install it on the upper film holder, and put the upper film into the sealing area through the sliding rod.

  • Parameter

    Packaging box size

    540 (640)×280×80mm

    Roll film maximum width

    600mm (700mm)

    Roll film maximum diameter


    Packaging speed


    Power supply


    Working air pressure


    Total power


    Vacuum pump displacement


    Gas replacement rate


    Gas precision

    Better than±1%

    Machine weight


    Machine size


    Line combining machine length


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