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What is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine

Time:2022/4/21 15:29:39

The automatic vacuum packaging machine can use the robot to automatically pick up the vacuum packaging bags, automatically open them, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatically feed materials, and automatically vacuum packaging. The length is 100-260, the width is 60-200, and the packaging efficiency is 2000-3600 bags per hour. Its machines can not only pack solids, liquids, soft objects, fragile items, etc., but also vacuum soft film packaging, hard film inflatable packaging, blister packaging, etc. It is hygienic, efficient, labor-saving and low-cost in use. It is suitable for vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging of frozen meat, chilled meat, meat products, soy products, seafood, snack food, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, electronic components, hardware tools, etc. trend.
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